When it comes to maximising the most out of your play space it’s important to include both fixed and flexible play structures. This encourages a multitude of play types and experiences.

Having the right play equipment also means optimising visibility for easy supervision of the space.

Challenging play environments are especially important for facilitating the development of a range of gross and fine motor skills.

Creo equipment options

Whare House or Hut

It can often by useful to have one of these types of structures as it provides an area outside that has a sense of enclosure and safety.


These are a less flexible item but can provide an additional cultural narrative to a playspace. They can be located on blue surfacing or by a sandpit or water play area to extend a theme.

Gazebo or Fale

These can be a great addition to a site due to their flexibility. They can provide a quiet shaded reading area, a permanent stage, a place to set up family type play or have different coloured sheets attached to them to be a fairy hut one day and a pirate hut the next.

Topography Play

This is a type of fixed equipment that can be used as a flexible play option. A mound, with or without a fixed slide, offers imaginative options as well as motor skills development.

Secret Circle

A smaller type version of a gazebo, these can be used in the same way. The only difference is that they don’t have a roof. A secret circle also provides a subtle sense of enclosure and a destination to encourage children to explore into an area.

Bike Tracks

Bike tracks can be added very easily to a site, either through the installation of an artificial safety surface, or by painting the track outline on an available hard surface. This allows road rule learning as well as physical bike skills to develop.

Outdoor Kitchen and Table

These are great for extending sand and water play and stimulating imaginary and sensory play around a sandpit. Alternatively, they can be added to a mulched planted area for natural mud kitchen type play.

Flexible Set Up Area with Moveable Equipment

Spaces need to be the right shape to ensure flexible layout options are possible. Safety surfaces are needed under this type of area. Engineered wood fibre, synthetic turf or rubber matting are all suitable.

Considerations when selecting play equipment


The size, shape and numbers in your centre will determine the options available.


Main equipment spaces need to be located in such a way as to discourage direct traffic cutting through the space as a thoroughfare route. Additional equipment a great way to activate corners and therefore maintain visibility across a site.


The wider the range of experiences the better. A balance of flexible equipment and loose parts is ideal to cover a range of learning and development benefits.


Spaces need to be dynamic, flexible and responsive to maintain the interest, continued growth and learning of the child. For example, can a deck shaped like a bow of a boat represent a boat one day and a stage the next?


Challenge and risk taking is an important element for ECE aged children. However, you need to encourage this in a controlled and safe way.

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