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Robinia Equipment.

Nature Play is not only good for the environment. It is also a great way to develop children’s senses and skills.

Creo’s Robinia equipment is locally built in our workshop in Oamaru.

Robinia is a well-known material that lasts many years and looks great in all spaces. 

Check our full range below and get inspired to add to your playspace or playground!

Swing Set.

CS05A Single Bay Basket Swing
CS06A Single Bay Swing Belt or Infant
CS07 High Swing Single Bay Belt
CS08A 2 Bay Swing Belt, Infant
CS09 2 Bay Swing Basket, Belt, Infant
CS10 2 Bay High Swing Belt
CS11 3 Bay Basket, Belt, Infant

Log Jam.

C01A Log Jam Walk
C02A Log Jam Pole
C03A Log Net Jam
C45 Log Jam A
C46 Log Jam B
C05 Balance Log with Rope
C06 Balance Log
C07 Low Balance Log
C10 High Stepping Logs
C11 Angled Stepping Logs
C13 Spinning Log
C24 Rope Balance Walk
C26 Log Steps Horizontal
C14 Single Seesaw
C15 Double Seesaw
C08 Overhead Bar Grab
C12 Double Bars
C22 Log Climb
C23 Vertical Climbing Net
C27A Vertical Climb
C31 Pommel Climb
C32 Slope Climb
C16 Sand Crane Small
C16A Sand Crane Medium
C16B Sand Crane Large
C28 Sluice Gate
C30 Single Water Run
C30A Double Water Run
C33 Hammock
C20 Single Flying Fox
C21 Double Flying Fox