We create smart public playspaces

How we are designing New Zealand’s new generation of public playspaces.

After years of working in the playground building industry, we were tired of hearing from customers who were frustrated with the complicated process of designing and building public playgrounds.

The standard process of building a playground involved working with multiple partners. Partners like landscape architects, construction companies, and equipment suppliers. Often, these companies were siloed in their own areas of expertise and unable to deliver the complete playground package.

We decided the best way to fix this was to start our own playground design company. A company that would bring together the services of landscape architecture, construction, surfacing and equipment supply, under one roof.

A specialised playground design service that could offer scalable design and construction services, a simpler customer experience, and ultimately, better play spaces.

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Featured Case study

Cornwall Park

Creo was engaged by the Hasting’s District Council to design the Cornwall Park Playground in late 2018. Twelve months later, the park was opened to an eagerly awaiting community who were delighted with the new playspace.

The ideas and the concept for the playground came from the main structure piece which was selected by the council; the Acorn Climbing Village. This provided Creo with the theme of acorns, autumn leaves, and meandering streams – all of which are features of the surrounding environment.

Design something exceptional 

How do you achieve exceptional? How do you take the ideas from your local community and turn them into something tangible? How do you capture a vision and make it a reality?

At Creo, we have an expert team of landscape architects, project managers, and installers who can help you to do just that. Our team has years of experience designing and building public play spaces for councils and community groups, so we understand the demands your outdoor spaces must meet. It’s all about striking the right balance between flow, practicality, and play. About making spaces that are accessible and flexible, ensuring safety standards are met, and making sure eco-friendliness is a priority.

We’ll work within your processes to produce expertly crafted outdoor environments that are a joy to maintain and play in. In doing this, we’ll turn your community’s dreams into reality and continue our mission to deliver exceptional play spaces to New Zealand’s towns and cities.


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Download our latest guides and brochures to find out how Creo will make the most of your playspace.


Download our latest guides and brochures to find out how Creo will make the most of your playspace.

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