Our custom manufactured sail systems ensure a perfect fit and enable you and your children can maximise the use of your outdoor spaces while ensuring you have peace of mind.

Shade is essential over play spaces, especially in stationary play areas like sandpits, where children will sit and play for long periods of time.

A balance is needed – vitamin D in small amounts is important, but safety comes first. Plants, especially lawn areas, will not survive long term under constant shade.

Creo shade options 


Trees are a great natural option but will take time to mature. Either deciduous or evergreen can be selected to suit the needs of the space.

Moveable Umbrellas

These are great for a range of options to cover different areas during the day. Ensure the correct size for the area you want to shade.

Fixed Shade Sails

These can provide larger areas of shade. They can also be taken down in winter or made water resistant so certain areas can be used in light rain.

Considerations when selecting shade options


For umbrellas and shade sails, location of poles is often an issue. It’s important to find areas outside of flexible set up areas, pathways, bike paths and out of any
‘desire’ lines as children frequently don’t see them and will run into them as they move about the playspace.


Colour is important when selecting shade. Darker and primary colours give a very dark and oppressive colour shade and make the shade standout and be noticed. We recommend using grey, beige or similar light colour. This helps the sail to look and feel like they are floating and provide a calmer effect beneath.


Triangular shades, or sails with very narrow areas, don’t provide much shade beneath. Square shaped shade sails will provide a large consistent block of shade even as the sun moves during the day and are more likely to shade the item you are intending to shade.


As the sun moves, so does the shade, and this makes it hard to keep an area consistently shaded. When placing your shade sail, consider where the shade will be at the times when shade is most important for the particular area.

To find out more about shade sails feel free to call our expert team on 0800 000 334.