How to maintain your playground

As a school, childcare centre, council, or holiday park, you have a responsibility to ensure that the play spaces in your care are well maintained and looked after.

Playgrounds add so much value and fun, but to keep them safe and looking fresh, they require routine check-ups. So, today we are here to explore some easy and simple ways to maintain your playground.

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Equipment inspection

The first thing is equipment. It’s important to have routine equipment inspections to check for wear and tear. This means checking for things like loose bolts, cracks in plastic parts, or any other signs of damage. If you notice any of these it’s important to address them right away. Whether that’s by doing it yourself (if possible) or calling your playground equipment installers.

Remove sharp edges:

Another step in your playground maintenance routine should be checking and removing any sharp or hazardous objects. This includes things like broken glass on equipment or surfacing, protruding nails or screws, and any other objects that can cause injury.

Compliant Surface Depth:

Frequently checking on your surface is another important part of adequately maintaining your playground. It’s important to make sure that all loose surfacing like woodchip, sand or gravel is at the appropriate depth and compliant in relation to your equipment height. Loose surfacing needs to be topped up or refilled frequently to meet safety requirements, so it’s your responsibility to keep on top of it all.

Maintain water features:

If you have water features in your playground, like fountains or sprinklers, make sure that you are frequently checking them for any damage, leaking, rust, or blockages. This might also mean inspecting your drainage systems are all in good working order.

Clean Equipment:

As part of your regular playground maintenance, you should be cleaning and sanitising equipment after heavy use or weather events that might cause debris and contamination in your playground. Doing this will help keep your playground clean and ensure that it’s safe for children to play on.

Keep a clean environment:

The areas surrounding your playground are just as important as the playground itself. Take some time to check up on the fencing, entry/exit points, and landscaping surrounding your space. Remove debris and hazardous objects, and make sure there’s nothing sticking out that could cause injury.

By keeping on top of these things and doing regular checks of your playground you can make sure that your public spaces stay safe, clean, and fun.


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