After years of working in the playground building industry, we were tired of hearing from customers who were frustrated with the complicated and expensive process of designing and building playgrounds.

The standard process of building a playground involved working with multiple partners. Partners like architects, landscape architects, construction companies, and equipment suppliers. Often, these companies were siloed in their own areas of expertise and unable to deliver the complete playground package.

We decided the best way to fix this was to start our own playground design company. A company that would bring together the services of landscape architecture, construction, and equipment supply, under one roof. A specialised playground design service that could offer a simpler customer experience, competitive pricing, and ultimately, better play spaces. Consequently, in February 2017, Creo was born.

After assembling a team of some of New Zealand’s most experienced play space professionals, we set up shop in Parnell, Auckland. From here, we began planning, designing, and installing playgrounds for Councils, Schools, and Early Learning Centres all over the country.

With consistency in the make-up of our team, we had continuity from project to project, which meant we could learn from, and improve, the design and build process. As we grew, this enabled us to deliver simpler, faster, better project experiences to our clients.

Our biggest mission when we set up Creo was to make people as passionate about playground design as we are. That is still our biggest mission today.