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Founded in 2016, Creo is a design, manufacturing, and construction company that specializes in playspaces.

We are deeply rooted in New Zealand with a mission to provide comprehensive, all-encompassing playspace services to communities across Aotearoa.

From the outset, we recognized a significant gap in the market for a company that could expertly navigate all stages of a playspace lifecycle – from the initial conceptualization and design to the manufacturing and installation through to renewal. This understanding propelled us to fill this void, facilitating our clients’ seamless, worry-free experience.

As our company evolved and expanded, we incorporated additional services into our repertoire: playspace equipment design and manufacturing. This strategic move diversified our offerings and gave us the advantage of manufacturing our own equipment in-house. This initiative has allowed us to drastically reduce lead times, ensuring faster delivery and installation of playspaces.

Simultaneously, we’ve been able to bolster our local economy by creating jobs and supporting local industries.

At Creo, we are fuelled by our staunch belief in the pivotal role that playspaces play in fostering strong, inclusive communities. Playspaces are more than just physical structures; they are catalysts for community bonding, childhood development, and inclusive play. We are passionately committed to redefining the landscape of playspace design and construction in New Zealand, one project at a time. We strive to make a meaningful difference, continuing to pioneer innovative designs and construction techniques that make our playspaces stand out. We are Creo, and we are crafting the future of play in New Zealand.

Meet our team

Amy Wealleans


Andrew Healy

Business Development Manager

Andy Wraight

Regional Project Manager

Ben Kimi


Ben Witty

Creo Team Lead

Bruce Alderton


Charis Teal

Junior Designer

Deo Crouse

3D Modeller

Dominique Damour

Playground Carpenter

Gener Tano


Glenn Smith

Regional Project Manager

Gregor Ratmiroff Finol

Production R&D

Gui Artoff

Marketing Executive

Imay Hormillosa

Finance Support Contractor

Jacob Judd

General Manager

Jenny McGowan

Concept Designer

Jon Coursey

Marketing Team Leader

Julie Kane


Kelvin Cunningham

Graphic Designer

Kelvin Firman


KP Holay

Senior Design Engineer

Louise Hussey

Design Team Lead

Maree Sutton


Matt Wraight

Site Manager

Mike Senior

National Construction Manager

Mislei Wong See


Ricardo Casama


Robb Budd


Sarah Miller


Shane Mckenzie

Playground Carpenter

Shannon Vince

National Projects Coordinator

Summer Judd