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Download our PlayShapes Catalogue.

Amazing Rubber Critters and Creations for Imaginative Play.

Check out our latest catalogue for our new range of PlayShapes.

Our PlayShapes are custom-designed playground features with top-quality wet-pour rubber. They are designed to fit your space without compromising fun and safe fall areas. 

PlayShapes are great for adding personalised themes, challenges, and new ways of interaction to your playground. You can use steppers for pathways and seating. Or you can add some cultural elements to your space with our Tuatara, supporting your playground’s storytelling. 

Users can interact with it by jumping, balancing socialising, and creating their games and stories.


In this catalogue, you can find:

  • Balance Balls.
  • Half Balls.
  • Steppers.
  • Pour ‘n’ Play Seats.
  • Mini Mounds.
  • Boulders
  • PlayPods.
  • Custom-designed features.

All of our PlayShapes items will come with installation instructions.