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1119 Obstacle Course



Obstacle Course

Challenging users mind and body, this obstacle course offers fun and motor skill development for all.


Play Value

Our Custom Obstacle Course offers endless adventure and is suitable for a wide range of ages and skill levels. It’s designed to challenge and develop physical fitness, coordination, and agility, making it a versatile addition to any play area. This course can function as a standalone feature or be integrated with other playground equipment to create a comprehensive fitness zone.


Participants navigate through a variety of obstacles—climbing, jumping, and balancing—encouraging both individual challenges and group interaction. The design promotes continuous mental engagement as users evaluate risks and devise strategies on the fly, enhancing problem-solving skills and adaptive thinking with each run.


The obstacle course is constructed from stainless steel and features solid black steel that has been cleaned and sandblasted for durability and safety. The end posts are capped with soft EPDM rubber for added safety, and all connections are secured with strong aluminium alloy. Customization options are available to match your specific space’s colour scheme, ensuring the obstacle course fits perfectly within your environment.

C45 (3 of 14)C45 (3 of 14)
C45 (5 of 14)C45 (5 of 14)
C45 (12 of 14)C45 (12 of 14)
C45 (11 of 14)C45 (11 of 14)
C45 (7 of 14)C45 (7 of 14)
C45 (2 of 14)C45 (2 of 14)
C45 (10 of 14)C45 (10 of 14)
C45 (9 of 14)C45 (9 of 14)
C45 (4 of 14)C45 (4 of 14)



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