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4130 Play Panel – Piano



Play Panel – Chimes/Flutes.

Music and tactile play are sensory havens for children.

Play Value

Our Sensory Play Panels are designed to engage and educate users of all abilities, making them an ideal inclusive addition to any playground. These panels stimulate the senses, promote learning, and encourage children’s interaction, facilitating individual discovery and cooperative play.


The panels offer tactile and visual experiences that aid cognitive development and enhance fine motor skills. Accessibly designed, they accommodate children with various abilities, ensuring every child can participate and benefit from the interactive features.


Constructed from durable stainless steel, the main structure of the play panels features solid black steel that has been cleaned and sandblasted for longevity and safety. The interactive walls are made of colourful triple-layered HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) polyethylene, providing a robust and safe surface for play. All connections are secured with strong aluminium alloy, enhancing stability. Customizable colour options allow the play panels to integrate seamlessly into any playground’s design scheme.

C45 (3 of 14)C45 (3 of 14)
C45 (5 of 14)C45 (5 of 14)
C45 (12 of 14)C45 (12 of 14)
C45 (11 of 14)C45 (11 of 14)
C45 (7 of 14)C45 (7 of 14)
C45 (2 of 14)C45 (2 of 14)
C45 (10 of 14)C45 (10 of 14)
C45 (9 of 14)C45 (9 of 14)
C45 (4 of 14)C45 (4 of 14)



Number of Users
Play Types
Unprescribed Play
Motor Skills

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