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Balance Balls.

Create a challenging playground that
develops both bodies and minds.

Creo Balance Balls offer a colourful and unique play option for any playground.

Manufactured in New Zealand from high quality TPV rubber granules, they can be colour customised to suit your playground’s theme or colour scheme.

Balance Balls come in fixed, moving, and half ball options, with our moving Balance Balls being manufactured under license with moving components from Rampline®.

Curious about your colour options?

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Balance Balls can be styled to suit your playground’s theme. Some examples of themed Balance Balls we’ve made include tennis balls, basketballs, and the planets of the Solar System.

Fixed Balls.

Balance Ball 300

Option: Fixed
Diameter: 300mm

Balance Ball 400

Option: Fixed
Diameter: 400mm

Balance Ball 600

Option: Fixed
Diameter: 600mm

Moving Balls.

Balance Ball 350

Options: Fixed, Tilt
Diameter: 350mm Height: 370mm
Tilt: 50mm in all directions
Safety Zone: 1.5 impact area

Balance Ball 500

Options: Fixed, Tilt, Tilt/Spin
Diameter: 500mm Height: 530mm
Tilt: 100mm in all directions
Safety Zone: 1.5 impact area

Balance Ball 700

Options: Fixed
Diameter: 700mm Height: 730mm
Tilt: 150mm in all directions
Safety Zone: 1.5 impact area

Half Balls.

Half Ball 300

Diameter: 300mm

Half Ball 350

Diameter: 350mm

Half Ball 400

Diameter: 400mm

Half Ball 500

Diameter: 500mm

Half Ball 600

Diameter: 600mm

Half Ball 700

Diameter: 700mm

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