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Play Pods.

Why spend so much time on maintenance trying to keep bark in place?

Take advantage of Creo Play Pods. They are designed and developed to be a permanent solution to the problem of bark scuffing out under play equipment. Installing a Play Pod ensures the safety surface remains compliant.

Creo’s Play Pods are highly customisable to your space’s size and play equipment usage area. Combining PlayPods with pathways also creates inclusive spaces for users of all abilities.

Want more colours? Try our colour mixer and see what is possible for your project: Colour Mixer.

Steppers can be styled to suit your playground’s theme. You can customise height and width to fit your space perfectly.

Standard Steppers.

Steppers 400

Options: Fixed, Tilt
Diameter: 350mm Height: 370mm
Tilt: 50mm in all directions
Safety Zone: 1.5 impact area

Balance Ball 500

Options: Fixed, Tilt, Tilt/Spin
Diameter: 500mm Height: 530mm
Tilt: 100mm in all directions
Safety Zone: 1.5 impact area

Balance Ball 700

Options: Fixed, Tilt/Spin
Diameter: 700mm Height: 730mm
Tilt: 150mm in all directions
Safety Zone: 1.5 impact area

Colour options.

Customisable with 21 colour options available.

The steppers are designed using our Pour’N’Play gives you the palette you need to create the steppers of your dreams.

You can try out your own colour blends with our Pour’N’Play colour mixer

Features and Benefits.


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