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Bright Beginnings

Bright Beginnings_20200129_114802_900x600Bright Beginnings_20200129_114802_900x600
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Bright Beginnings_20200129_113840_900x600Bright Beginnings_20200129_113840_900x600

Bright Beginnings required three age-appropriate playspaces for their new centre in Hamilton. Looking to combine a natural look with flexible play spaces, they chose Creo to help with the design and build.

Bright Beginnings
Circa Budget:

To achieve the ‘natural look’ the centre wanted, Creo used a range of sustainable and locally sourced timbers for the fences, furniture, borders, and various play items.

And with ‘natural look’ synthetic surfacing, Creo were able to carry the natural theme throughout the entire space.


For the elder children’s area, a peripheral bike track surrounding a cushioned play turf was introduced to allow for flexible box setup and more robust play options.

This was then extended with a small concrete loop for additional bike play.

To bring more play elements into the space, a large sandpit with a natural timber water play feature was added to the far corner.

Log steppers were placed at the edge to help divide the space.

For the two junior areas, a central sandpit and fence was added to divide the space. Bike tracks were installed in both spaces and sensory pathways designed to provide stimulating ‘touch’ play experiences.

Additional play was added with balance logs being hidden throughout the gardens for children to find. Large shade sails were installed to allow for maximum use of the play area during sunny days.

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