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Centennial Park Balclutha

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Balclutha’s Centennial Park is quickly turning into a destination play space for locals and the nearby community. 

Centennial Parks Trust
Circa Budget:

Stage 1 of the project is finally complete! Accompanying the bike track, dog park, and surrounding green space, this new playground area is full of fun equipment pieces and colours.  

The play space project at Centennial Park is a feat of passion by the community group in Balclutha. They came together wanting to establish a wider park space for everyone to enjoy, and little by little, have been making it a reality. 

Creo began working with the community a few years ago, creating a master plan of the space for them to reference when installing equipment and developing the area.  

With a range of activities planned for the park, the project was broken down into various stages. The first of which featured a dog park and bike track which the team at Creo planned and the community members installed and put together.  

From there, the group began fundraising and gained the support of the local community to create the new playground. Equipment pieces were sourced and funded from various suppliers, and with the help of the Creo team, each element was pieced into the playground design.  

By managing the project design and build process, the team at Creo were able to take a load off the community members driving the park development.  

The designers worked to tell the story of Balclutha and its surrounding areas through the colour choices, equipment, and surfacing in the playground. The more junior play space created in Stage 1 of the project, is full of fun play elements like the tower slides, swings, balance beams, and trampoline.  

The play area extends from the bike track previously installed, creating flow between the areas of the park.  

Stage 2 is set to create a more senior play space that includes more challenging play elements for older children and adults to enjoy. An outdoor fitness circuit has also been planned for the next stage and is set to make Centennial Park a hotspot recreational space for years to come.  

The final area is an unprescribed playspace. Complete with a mound, slides, and tunnel, the space is perfect for the younger students at the school. Rubber safety surfacing was used to create a soft landing and tie the play space with the colours of the surrounding courts. The surface design also features the school logo, personalising the space and making it uniquely Kaurilands School.   

The new playspace is vibrant, fun, and exciting. With endless play opportunities and elements to bring the school community together.

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