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Just Kidz Ormiston

Just Kidz Ormiston_Auckland_STL_2891-HDRJust Kidz Ormiston_Auckland_STL_2891-HDR
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Just Kidz Ormiston_Auckland_STL_2924Just Kidz Ormiston_Auckland_STL_2924
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Just Kidz Ormiston_Auckland_STL_2867-HDRJust Kidz Ormiston_Auckland_STL_2867-HDR
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Just Kidz Ormiston_Auckland_STL_2939Just Kidz Ormiston_Auckland_STL_2939

Just Kidz Ormiston is a brand new ECE in the heart of the Ormiston Town Centre.  

Just Kidz
Ormiston, Auckland
Circa Budget:

Just Kidz Ormiston opened its doors at the beginning of 2022. Located in the new community shopping complex, the centre is tailored for infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers, with a capacity of 63 children. Just Kidz Ormiston is a bright, modern centre with plenty of outdoor space to explore, play, and learn in 

Creo has been a part of bringing together many play spaces in Just Kidz centers throughout the country. Vanessa Henry, Operations Manager at Just Kidz Franchise System Ltd, first met with Creo more than five years ago. She has since been working with the Creo team to create fun and functional play spaces at all new build Just Kidz centres across New Zealand. 

“Each one has a unique feel and exciting elements, whilst incorporating our Just Kidz themes and colours to ensure the brand is reflected and united. We have a long-standing relationship here. 

When the new centre at Ormiston was in development, Vanessa reached out to Creo to manage the build of the new outdoor play area. The brief was for a safe and inspiring play space that incorporated as many natural elements as possible to accompany the modern setting of this new centre.  

The design of the space centred around engaging and inspiring the children through nature, unprescribed play opportunities, and flexible play pieces. A natural colour palette was used, full of greens, blues, and earth tones that were reflected in the surfacing and the equipment selected for the space. Various plantings were added to the space along with appropriate shading to protect children from the sun.  

I love the natural elements how the soft pour surfacing looks like bark to bring that natural feel, the plantings, the mounds and logs, the seated picnic and activity areas, the colours and overall flow. 

The result is a spacious yet cosy play area that fulfils all the needs of the centre. The space is inviting, open, and full of play elements to keep children engaged.  

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