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Khandallah Little School

Mudkitchen are great for a childcare playground.Mudkitchen are great for a childcare playground.
Work with the landscape and save on your design.Work with the landscape and save on your design.
Khandallah Little School
Khandallah, Wellington
Circa Budget:

Khadallah Little School is a private preschool located in the Khadallah suburb of Wellington. The preschool cares for young children aged 2-5 and provides them with a social and fun learning environment.

Work with the landscape and save on your design.

In 2020, the preschool approached Creo to help them re-design their outdoor play area and in place, create a more exciting and dynamic play environment for their children.

The preschool’s pre-existing area and terraced and rather small. The Creo team worked to make the space feel more open by converting the terraced features into play elements by turning it into a large mound that kids could climb on and slide down.

Keeping with a natural look, Creo selected play pieces and features that would fit within the colour palette and textures the preschool wanted in the space. The natural inspiration also translated into the use of natural-based play experiences like the timber logs, the mud kitchen, the sand pit, the water play area, the garden, and the turfed space.

The Creo team were able to tie in all the individual play elements and create a sense of flow within the space, allowing children to experience and explore however they want.

The final area is an unprescribed playspace. Complete with a mound, slides, and tunnel, the space is perfect for the younger students at the school. Rubber safety surfacing was used to create a soft landing and tie the play space with the colours of the surrounding courts. The surface design also features the school logo, personalising the space and making it uniquely Kaurilands School.   

The new playspace is vibrant, fun, and exciting. With endless play opportunities and elements to bring the school community together.

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