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Kings Plant Barn

Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7233Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7233
Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7250Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7250
Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7254Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7254
Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7240Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7240
Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7257Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7257
Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7271Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7271
Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7235Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7235
Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7244Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7244
Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7230Kings Plant Barn Auckland_KIN_7230

The new Kings Plant Barn site at Stonefield’s has taken an innovative and ground-breaking approach to the services available when visiting the garden centre.  

Kings Plant Barn
Mt Wellington, Auckland
Circa Budget:

 Located in Mt Wellington, Auckland, the new site features a new look, with a variety of beautiful and colourful plants, a café, and a brand-new play space. 

When looking to develop and open the new store, the team at Kings Plant Barn wanted to create a play space to accompany the garden centre, offering a new experience for their customers and little visitors.    

Creo worked with Kings Plant Barn to design and build a unique and natural-looking space that can provide both play value and be used to exhibit some of the lush greenery. The design incorporates muted, earthy tones that blend seamlessly with the plantings. Rubber mulch surfacing, water features, and rubber-surfaced play accessories were also brought into the space to add texture, height, and play for young children needing entertainment when visiting the store.  

A collection of plants borders the play space, creating the perfect backdrop to the indoor area. Creo worked to create a visually open space that is welcoming and vibrant, adding value, activity, and personality to this new Kings Plant Barn.  

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