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Prospect School

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Imaginative, Bright, and Playful. The big three at Prospect School.

Prospect School
Glen Eden, Auckland
Circa Budget:

Located in the Auckland suburb of Glen Eden, Prospect School is a close-knit primary school with a roll of 350+ students.

The school is passionate about creating a thriving community. Proud of its cultural diversity.

In 2020, Prospect School approached Creo to work on a new play space that would accompany the renovations of their new entrant classrooms.

The idea was to create various play-through learning opportunities for students in the new entrant classes who are transitioning into the school environment.

Principal Gay Turners explained that the outdoor play space project is intended to make students feel valued when they arrive to start their primary school education.

When Creo presented the design concept to the school, Gay knew that they had made the right decision by teaming up with Creo.

The design showed colour, imagination, it was playful and celebrated the school’s diverse identity.

Creo’s ability to then build the concept and bring it to life, further supported the continuation and ease of the project from start to finish.

The Creo team focused on creating a space that offered a wide range of experiences and sensory options. 

The new outdoor area includes a sensory wall panel featuring mirrors, latches, ball-type play and other tactile opportunities.

There are also unprescribed play options including a mound and slide along with a social type gathering place with balance and nature play elements.

The concrete court area was also utilised in the design, and updated to feature a maze design drawing from the school values and showcasing the 4 different houses of the school which are represented by four Maori gods, Rongomatane, Tangaroa, Tana Mahuta, and Tawhirimatea. 

Incorporating these playful and cultural elements gives the school the ability to celebrate their own cultural identity in the space and creates an opportunity for the students to connect and relate their play to other parts of their education.

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