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Rotorua Lakes High School

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Rotorua Lakes High School is a diverse co-educational secondary school with a rich culture with a roll of 650+ students ranging from Years 9-13.

Rotorua Lakes High School
Circa Budget:

The school set out to inspire play and activity amongst the school community by reimagining their outdoor spaces.

The goal was to brighten up the outdoor environment and add interest that would encourage students to spend more time outside.

Before approaching Creo, the team at Rotorua Lakes High worked with some designers to create a concept design plan for their school spaces.

The design plan that was presented to the school proved to be way out of the budget that had been allocated to the project and didn’t fit the needs of the students and staff.

The school later approached Creo, after deciding against taking on the build themselves.

The play space quickly became a design and build project made up of three key areas the school wanted to work on.

Creo created an overall master plan of the school made up of numerous areas.

The school worked collaboratively with Creo to come up with a design palette that could be replicated in other areas of the school and throughout future developments.

This gave the school the freedom to prioritise projects as needed without having to worry about flow and continuity within the school spaces.

Because of the nature of the school, catering to older students, the focus was taken away from traditional play elements like playground structures and instead orientated towards providing fun, safe, and interesting places to hang out and socialise.

The colour palette of the outdoor spaces takes inspiration from the school’s location, logo, and existing colour theme, incorporating bright blues and yellows into the space through equipment, painting and surfacing.

The three key areas targeted in the first stage of the design and build plan include the courts, a nearby grass area, and a courtyard. All three areas are versatile spaces that draw students outside of the classroom while flowing together seamlessly through a synchronised colour palette.

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