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Selwyn Ridge Primary School

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Selwyn Ridge Primary School’s new outdoor space celebrates the cultural narrative of the school, with local purakau built into the design.

Selwyn Ridge School
Welcome Bay, Tauranga
Circa Budget:

Selwyn Ridge Primary School is located in Welcome Bay, Tauranga, with a roll of around 500 students, Year 1-6.

The school has a strong vision of nurturing whakaaro (mind), mānawa (heart), and helping students build their kete (kit).

Principal Craig Price came to Creo with the aim to refresh the area at the “heart” of their school. Making it a purposeful outdoor learning and play space, that the students and staff could enjoy.

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Prior to Creo’s involvement, the area was worn and uninteresting. It wasn’t very a stimulating space for the students. Craig mentioned experiencing continual issues with trying to grow the grass in particular areas. 

Plantings would often be overgrown, blocking the sun and line of sight into other areas of the school. This was making it a hassle for teachers on duty.

The area lacked purpose, and therefore, had great potential to become a space for further learning and play for all age groups within the school.

The new playspace features sand and water play areas, a “natural” section with wooden structures and balance ropes, topography play with an in-built dual slide, and a colourful seating area that can serve for outdoor learning and performances.

Creo also worked to include local purakau in the design with the story of the 3 whales built into the surface.

Selwyn Ridge wanted to maintain the natural elements around the area, keeping the larger trees and incorporating them as features in the playspace design.

Creo was able to also incorporate ground markings that painted symbolic figures on the concrete surfaces, tying in the story of the space, and making the space personal and unique to the school.

The final outcome serves as an exciting space that is loved and enjoyed by the whole school community.

The area is now used as a gathering area, and a fun play area full of range and diverse elements.

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