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Tiny Voices

Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4933Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4933
Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4941Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4941
Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4992Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4992
Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4942Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4942
Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4922-PanoTiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4922-Pano
Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4916Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4916
Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4893Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4893
Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4896Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4896
Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4942Tiny Voices, Welligton_STL_4942

The play space at Tiny Voices in the Wellington CBD is a unique project, capturing the most beloved playtime elements and bringing them to a rooftop setting.  

Tiny Voices
CBD, Wellington
Circa Budget:

The team at Tiny Voices collaborated with Creo to create an exciting and open play space for their centre. Its rooftop location was a unique feature requiring thorough planning to create a conventional play experience full of engaging opportunities while making sure the space stayed safe, compliant, and fun. 

Creo worked to optimise the rooftop area with a design that kept the play space very open and accessible. The centre was looking for a natural outdoor feel and Creo delivered this through the use of various play elements such as bike tracks surrounding the perimeter, rocks and a sand pit, and water play.

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