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Wellington Botanic Garden


A buzzing new destination playground!

Wellington District Council
Wellington Botanic Garden
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The Wellington City Council, in collaboration with the Botanic Gardens, embarked on a significant project to revamp the existing playground within the Wellington Botanic Gardens.

It was spearheaded by council stakeholders Matthew Beres and David Sole. The initiative aimed to modernise the playground while incorporating the unique aspects of the surrounding botanical landscape and the crucial role of bees in the ecosystem.

The primary goal was to refresh the playground to serve the community and visitors to the botanic gardens better.

Through community consultation, there was a strong desire for a space to educate children about the importance of pollination and the role of bees in sustaining flora.

The feedback informed the creation of a playground that could both entertain and educate, aligning with the broader themes of the botanic gardens.

"It's one of those multigenerational playgrounds. It's one of those places where you'll make memories that will go on for generations."

Inclusivity and Education
A vital aspect of the project was ensuring the playground was accessible to children of all abilities, incorporating sensory panels to facilitate learning about the environment and pollination.

The renovated Wellington Botanic Gardens Playground is a testament to innovative design, educational focus, and community engagement.

This project has not only revitalised a key community asset but also enhanced the botanic gardens’ educational offerings. It provides a space where children can learn about nature through play.

The playground’s design and features will be a valued community resource for years to come, embodying the garden’s themes of nature, education, and inclusivity.

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