What we do

From master planning and concept design through to detailed design, specification and implementation – the playground building process is a complex one.

Creo can help by providing expert planning, design, and construction management services to deliver your playground to plan and budget.


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Master planning delivers a high-level plan – the ‘birds-eye-view’ – for your landscape and play areas. It is helpful for identifying opportunities and challenges in your space and providing a vision for optimizing its use.



Concept design is a process that involves gathering information about your playground space – the size, the surroundings, the age level, and the social and cultural context – and using it to create concept options before choosing a final concept design and setting a budget.



The detailed design takes your concept design and expands on it by adding detailed construction drawings that will be used to create your playground. Arrangement plans, levels, drawings, and specifications – all will be detailed in the detailed design phase.



Construction is an exciting time when the project roars to life with planning, procurement, and project management getting underway. Your site will be cleared before structures are installed and features built up. Safety surfacing will be laid and the final touches added to complete your new playground.

Interview with the designer 

If you want to find out more about our design style at Creo check out this video interview with Creo playspace designer, Larissa Moyle.

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