How much does a natural playground cost?

Natural playgrounds are growing in our urban spaces as the connection between human and nature bring enormous benefits for mental and physical health.

 If you are planning of starting a new project for your space, we’ll walk you through the essentials of creating a natural playground and the financial aspects from start to finish.

What is a Natural Playground?

Natural playgrounds, often called nature or green playgrounds, are more than just play areas. They’re spaces full of natural elements – logs, boulders, sand, water, and plants. It’s a “jungle” where play, learning, and nature converge.

These playgrounds are sensory havens, versatile and ever-evolving, ensuring each visit is unique. The advantages? They’re countless! From fostering open-ended play propping up physical and emotional growth, to nurturing creativity and encouraging risk-taking, the benefits are fantastic.

Natural Playground Design

Designing a natural playground is one of the most exciting parts of your journey. It’s where your idea starts to take shape. Key to this is understanding the landscape and the narrative you wish to tell. Whether it’s an adventurous setting or a soothing green oasis, the landscape dictates the story. 

But how does it affect the cost? Consider the playground’s size, the extent of landscaping, and the integration of equipment with the natural setting. These elements significantly influence the budget. Before starting the design phase, consider going over these questions:

  • Do I need accessible pathways?
  • What age group is the playground catering to?
  • How many children should the space accommodate?
  • Is there a need for additional greenery, or can the existing landscape suffice?

Typically, such playgrounds can range anywhere from $400-1000 per m2, contingent on the size and complexity of the design. 

Flying foxes can be custom built and you don't need to reuse playground equipment.

Natural Playground Equipment

The essence of a natural playground lies in its equipment. While rocks and boulders are staples, eco-friendly equipment elevates the experience. Robinia logs, for instance, can be manufactured into swing sets, obstacle courses, and even monkey bars. When selecting equipment, two pivotal aspects to consider are:

  1. The target age group.
  2. The desired complexity of the equipment range.

The cost range for natural playground equipment ranges from $5,000-70,000. Custom-designed pieces can command even higher prices.

Flying foxes can be custom built and you don't need to reuse playground equipment.

Natural Playground Surfacing

Eco-friendly options like wood chips, sand, pea gravel, or mulchset are not only safe but also blend seamlessly with the natural aesthetic especially if you’re aiming for an inclusive pathway that retains the natural vibe.


Investing in a natural playground goes beyond just setting up a play area. It highlights the genuine advantages for children, promotes active learning, and underscores the mental well-being derived from urban green spaces.

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