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Synthetic Grass that’s Up to 20% Cooler.

While artificial grass looks like real grass, it never needs mowing or watering.
Engineered to be hard-wearing and hold its form longer, even in high traffic areas,
artificial grass is an excellent option for low-maintenance landscape surfacing.

Creo’s artificial grass, PermaTurf is a great surfacing option for sunny locations, providing up to 20% cooler surface temperatures than similar artificial turf products.

Dependably lush and conveniently free-draining, this is the turf that sets the standard
in landscaping turf.

Features and Benefits.



Aorangi School Playground.

The result is a playground that fits Aorangi School’s unique needs. From enabling students to regulate their emotions to imaginative play, the play space is deeply embedded in the school’s values.

It even features culturally significant figures like their Kaitiaki, the Kārearea Falcon.

Aorangi School wet pour rubber surfacing includes sculptures.

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