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The world’s leading wet pour
rubber surface system.

Pour’n’Play®” is a durable wet pour rubber surfacing ideal for playgrounds. Combining an impact-absorbing underlay with a coloured top layer, it’s versatile for indoor and outdoor use.

It’s a highly adaptable product. The extensive range of colours allows patterns and designs to be made on the surface. Surfacing on slopes up to 45 degrees allows the imagination to extend further. Pour’n’Play is the most technically advanced wetpour surface system available in New Zealand.

Superior UV stability ensures colour consistency and vibrancy for years of low-maintenance play times!

The surface will remain elastic and not harden or become gravel-like with aging.

Sensory area in a playground for younger children.

Colour options.

Pour’n’Play® comes in a range of 21 colours, giving you so much scope to
create fantastic designs. Using different colours in different ratios, Pour’n’Play® literally has thousands of colour combos. You can have fun with these to create your own unique colourway.

You can try out your own colour blends with our Pour’n’Play colour mixer

Colour blends.

Features and Benefits.



Caroline Bay Playground.

CPlay focused on inclusivity, local heritage and making sure that this playground will set the standard for what public spaces should thrive for when designing new spaces.


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