Music and play: the world of musical sensory equipment

Adding music to a playspace? Well, apart from the laughs and giggles, these areas can be enriched with many different sensory features, and one of them is music.

Musical sensory spaces shine brightly, offering a unique blend of enjoyment and development. Let’s explore why these spaces are key to nurturing young minds and bodies.

Understanding the Power of Music in Development

Music’s Role in Early Years
Music plays a pivotal role in child development. Studies, like one by Anna Līduma (2016), show that early musical experiences shape essential sensory and vocal skills. Musical spaces offer a rich environment for these developmental milestones.

Musical Playspaces as Learning Hubs
These playspaces go beyond traditional play. They’re designed to enhance motor skills and sensory functions by integrating natural elements and musical instruments, making every play session a learning opportunity.

Child playing the xylophone.

The Benefits of Musical Spaces

Research, including a study by Habibi et al. (2018), links music training to improved cognitive abilities and brain development. Musical playgrounds are not just for fun but spaces where critical thinking and emotional intelligence flourish.

Social Skills and Inclusivity
These playspaces are designed for all children, promoting inclusivity and teaching the values of diversity from a young age. They ensure that every child can enjoy and learn from music, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Sensory area in a playground for younger children.

Challenges and Innovations

Overcoming Obstacles
Designing and maintaining musical playgrounds comes with challenges, such as weather and wear. However, advancements in design and technology are paving the way for more engaging and accessible spaces.

Looking Ahead
The future of playground design is bright. Its focus is on supporting every child’s well-being and development. Innovations promise to make musical playgrounds even more integral to our communities.


Musical playspaces, or even some equipment around your space, are vital for combining play with learning, offering a symphony of benefits for child development.

As we continue to embrace the importance of music in early growth, these spaces will play a crucial role in nurturing well-rounded, happy children.

They’re not just playgrounds; they’re where the rhythms of learning and joy come together for every child.