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What are balance balls and their benefits?

In playground design, the emphasis often falls on the big structures, such as slides, swings, and platforms. Yet, the smaller, often overlooked elements can significantly enhance a space’s play value. Among these, balance balls stand out as both versatile and challenging additions.

Manufactured from durable TPV wet-pour rubber, these spherical wonders offer a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality, suitable for every corner of your playground.

Let’s jump into the world of balance balls, exploring their varieties, costs, benefits, and how they can transform play areas into dynamic environments.

Balance Balls add a nice and unique aesthetic to your playspace.

What are Balance Balls?

Balance balls and innovative playground features are crafted in New Zealand using top-quality TPV rubber granules, ensuring longevity and safety.

Their design allows for a high degree of customization in colour, enabling seamless integration with your playground’s theme or colour palette.

Balance balls introduce a playful challenge to any space. By incorporating various sizes and styles, playground designers can create distinctive layouts, making these balls the centrepiece or a complementary feature that enhances the overall play value.

Types of Balance Balls

  • Fixed Balance Balls: Anchored securely to the ground, these balls offer a stable platform for balancing acts, enriching the play area with a touch of predictability amidst the challenges.
  • Moving Balance Balls: Equipped with a mechanism that allows for tilting and spinning, these balls introduce a dynamic challenge, encouraging children to engage with the play space innovatively.
  • Half Balls: Perfect for younger children, these semi-spherical elements serve as mini obstacles, adding depth and complexity to the playground landscape.
Custom design can be a great addition to your space.

How much do they cost?

At Creo, balance balls are available within a price range of $640 to $4,800, exclusive of installation.

It’s important to note that these figures are indicative, with actual costs influenced by the design of your playground and the specific installation requirements to meet safety standards.

Benefits of Balance Balls

Incorporating balance balls into your playground design offers numerous advantages. Their construction from wet pour rubber ensures durability and allows for placement near fall zones, optimising space usage.

These elements support the development of key skills such as balance and strength, fostering social interaction and presenting a managed risk that encourages children to explore their capabilities in a safe environment.

Options and Applications

Creo offers a variety of sizes for balance balls, ranging from 300mm to 700mm in diameter for both fixed and moving configurations, as well as half-ball options.

Customisation extends beyond size, with many colour choices and themes available, including celestial bodies and sports-themed designs, to make your playground unique.


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Balance balls are more than just playful additions; they are essential in creating engaging, dynamic, and inclusive play spaces.

Their ability to blend challenge with safety and extensive customisation options make them an invaluable asset in playground design.

Whether you want to add a new dimension to your play area or embark on a complete redesign, consider the versatile and vibrant world of balance balls.

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