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Clyde River Park Playground

Clyde River Playground_KIN_6294Clyde River Playground_KIN_6294
Clyde River Playground_KIN_6320Clyde River Playground_KIN_6320
Clyde River Playground_KIN_6302Clyde River Playground_KIN_6302
Clyde River Playground_KIN_6303Clyde River Playground_KIN_6303
Clyde River Playground_KIN_6308Clyde River Playground_KIN_6308
Clyde River Playground_KIN_6290Clyde River Playground_KIN_6290
Clyde River Playground_KIN_6317Clyde River Playground_KIN_6317
Clyde River Playground_KIN_6333Clyde River Playground_KIN_6333
Clyde River Playground_KIN_6374Clyde River Playground_KIN_6374

Celebrating history through play.

Central Otago District Council
Clyde, Otago
Circa Budget:

The new playground at Clyde pays homage to the historical bridge landmark of the community. In 2021 the Central Otago District Council contacted Creo about working on a new play space for its riverside playground.

The historical Clyde Bridge and the Clutha River were used as inspiration for the new space, and Creo’s design team worked to create a custom playground that is truly iconic to the area.

Creo constructed a small replica of the Clyde Bridge to be used as a play equipment piece, with bars for climbing on and a river design underneath that brings a sense of the surrounding environment. By using wet-pour rubber surfacing, the Creo design and build team were able to create a river/water-like design that flows throughout the space and brings a fun and colourful element.

The space also features local materials, like stones and timber pieces that have been reclaimed and brought into the space for a personalised touch. The Creo team were intentional with using materials that complement the Central Otago landscape with elements that add to the Southern, High Country, aesthetic.

A swing set, balance beams, and carousel equipment pieces are focal points in the playground, creating a range of activity opportunities for visitors while playing on the river movement theme, while the concrete track surrounding the new space is perfect for children to ride bikes and navigate around the playground.

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