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Montessori Oamaru

Montessori Oamaru_DJI_0002-22Montessori Oamaru_DJI_0002-22
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Montessori Oamaru_IMG_9038-49Montessori Oamaru_IMG_9038-49
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Montessori Oamaru_IMG_9025-46Montessori Oamaru_IMG_9025-46
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Montessori Oamaru_IMG_8908-29Montessori Oamaru_IMG_8908-29
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Montessori Oamaru_IMG_8872-22Montessori Oamaru_IMG_8872-22

Montessori Oamaru wanted to create a modern playspace using completely natural materials.

The design required a high level of inter-age socialization, providing plenty of play opportunities all whilst being safe for the children.

Montessori Oamaru
Circa Budget:

When we were first approached to complete the playspace design and build at Oamaru Montessori, the site was a completely blank slate. A purpose-built modern learning environment was just starting to be built and our client wanted a natural playspace to work with the design of the new building.

The design aims to provide a space where connections and respect for nature is developed, by playing and caring for planting areas, gardening, trees and natural materials.

The design is simple, but structured so that the children are free utilize their creativity to choose or change how they use the environment for their own activity.

A large central lawn facilitates this free play space and circuiting path allow children to access all areas of the site directly and easily, while being a play feature itself.

Creo was able to support the client through this design by creating a flexible, adaptive, natural space. The benefit in our design and build capacity was that the design was able to be created while working to the clients budget and providing thought into the future maintenance and life of the playspace, that will grow and change with the centre as they develop.

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