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Series: How to budget for your playground – Equipment.

We are on week two of our “How to Budget for your Playground” series, and today we will be talking all about EQUIPMENT.  


We mentioned in our last blog post that to build a playground that’s suitable for all ages and abilities, you can break your budget down into four main categories:  

  1. Design 
  2. Equipment
  3. Surfacing
  4. Site Preparation 

In our last blog post, we talked about how you can break your playground project budget into four main categories: design, equipment, surfacing, and site preparation, and kicked off our budgeting series focusing on design. If you have not read that article, you can find it here.  

Now that you have budgeted for your playground design, it’s time to think about how you’re going to fill in your play space and what kinds of equipment pieces you might want to introduce.  

Let’s dive right in.  

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How to plan your play equipment budget? 

If you’re like most people starting out on their playground-building journey you probably started out thinking about the kinds of playground equipment you need. Obviously, playground equipment is very important for creating an exciting and fun playground. So, it’s worth spending some time learning about the questions you need to ask before setting a playground equipment budget.  

Here’s a list of questions that will help you determine what you need: 

  • Can you use some of the existing equipment? 

If your existing play equipment is still in decent condition, you might be able to reconfigure, relocate, or reuse it. Re-purposing those beloved pieces will save you from having to spend money on new equipment pieces.   

  • What play types do you need?   

There are many play types such as sliding, spinning, swinging, climbing, or unprescribed play, that you can introduce into your space through equipment. Have a think about what play types you need and want in your space. Keeping in mind the age range and abilities of the playground users when thinking about this.  

  • Are there long lead times on the equipment? 

This will impact the timely completion of the project and might also drive costs up or down. 

  • What are the hidden costs of the installation? 

These are things like, freight of material and installation of the equipment. 

  • What are the maintenance costs of the playground?

This ranges from surfacing to equipment to landscaping. 

  • Do you want off-the-shelf equipment, or are you looking for something customised for your space?

This will also impact lead times and cost.  

  • What kind of materials do you want to use in your playground?

The materials used will greatly impact the cost. Are you wanting plastic, metal, or maybe wooden features? 

  • Do you need to install shade?

In sun-exposed places, it’s important to provide shade. Shade sails will add an extra cost to your project that you will need to account for.  

  • Do you require outdoor furniture for your playground?

You may require seating for people who are supervising children in your playground. Or maybe you just want to create break-out areas for people to relax around the play space.  

If you’d like to talk to someone about a future project or would like a concept designed for your space, give us a call at 0800 000 334, or book a 15-minute ideas session with one of our consultants. 



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