Landscape Architect, Equipment Company, Full Service: What’s the Best For My Playground?

So, you’re all set to build a playground. That’s fantastic! Now comes the crucial part: deciding who should bring your vision to life.

You’ve got three main options: Landscape Architect, Playground Equipment Company, and Full-Service Design and build Playground Company.

Let’s explore what each one offers so you can make an informed decision. 

Landscape Architects

How They Work: Landscape Architects are like the artists of the outdoor world. They’re great at painting a broad stroke, including design, nature, and play. 

But here’s the thing: They usually work on various projects, from general landscapes to streetscapes. Playgrounds are just one part of their portfolio. 

What They’re Great at 

Holistic Design: They can create a complete space, blending play areas with the natural environment. 

Community Engagement: Often, they’ll get the community involved, ensuring the space meets local needs. 

Sustainability: They’re usually big on using eco-friendly materials and native plants. They consider those ideas in a playground design. 

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Something to Consider: While some landscape architects specialise in playgrounds, those are often the bigger, more expensive firms. So, if you’re looking for playground-specific expertise, you might need a heftier budget. 

When to Consider Them: If your playground is part of a larger project like a community park or educational campus, a Landscape Architect can provide the overarching vision.  

Playground Equipment Company

How They Work: Playground Equipment Companies are the go-to for all things play equipment. They’re usually focused on engineering and safety. 

Usually, they offer some design, but not for a whole project, where you might need a landscape architect and builders to work alongside the playground equipment company to bring a playground project to its full plan.  

What They’re Great At: 

Safety Compliance: They’re on top of all the safety guidelines, ensuring your playground is a haven for kids. 

Variety: They offer a wide range of equipment, which can often be customised to fit your specific needs. Most of the imported equipment is modular, so you can buy the bits and pieces and get only what you need for your space. 

Something to Consider: While some companies make bespoke equipment, most sell pre-set or modular equipment. So, your options might be limited if you want something unique. 

When to Consider Them: If you’re looking to upgrade an existing playground or already have a design in mind, these companies can provide the pieces to make it happen. 

Full-Service Design & Build Playground Company

How They Work: These companies are your one-stop shop. They take your initial idea and run it with their landscape architect, handling everything from design to installation. And the best part? They often manufacture their equipment, both custom-made and off-the-shelf items. 

What They’re Great at: 

 Streamlined Process: With one team doing it all, your project will likely stay on track and within budget. 

Consistency: Design & Build companies handle both design and construction. Therefore, your final project is more aligned with your initial vision. Add to that the fact that they manufacture their equipment, both bespoke and off-the-shelf items, meaning shorter lead times and local expertise. 

When to Consider Them: If you’re after a comprehensive solution that takes you from start to finish, a Full-Service Design and build Playground Company is probably your best bet. 

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Managed risk is a key component of learing-focused playgrounds

Wrapping It Up

So, where does this leave you? If you’re in the early stages and want a grand vision beyond just a playground, a Landscape Architect might be your go-to. 

But remember that specialised playground expertise is already included in the Design & Build company design. 

If you’re more focused on the equipment, a Playground Equipment Company has you covered, but be aware if their equipment is imported, support could be limited. 

Finally, if you want a local expert handling everything from A to Z, a Full-Service Design and build Playground Company is the way to go. 

They will include your design with a landscape architect, site managers, and project managers focused on bringing play spaces to life. 

By understanding the unique strengths and considerations of each type of company, you’re well on your way to creating not just a playground but a meaningful community space. 


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