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Pour'n'Play Sport.

The more colourful and comfortable court surface.

Pour’n’Play® Sport is created using New Zealand’s most technically advanced wet-pour rubber safety surface. It is an ideal surfacing choice for court areas where safety, durability and looks are essential.

Pour’n’Play® Sport is easy to maintain, keeping its vibrant colour and elasticity. Court markings are installed as an integral part of the surface, allowing you to add your personal touch.

Available in a range of 21 colours, it offers endless possibilities for creative surface designs.

Colour options.

Pour‘n’Play® comes in a range of 21 colours giving you so much scope to
create fantastic designs. Using different colours in different ratios, Pour‘n’Play® literally has thousands of colour combos. You can have fun with these to create your own unique colourway.

You can try out your own colour blends with our Pour’N’Play colour mixer

Colour blends.

Features and Benefits.



Clendon Park School.

Pour’n’Play Sport was used to create the new surfacing. The installation team was able to create crisp, court markings using the yellow and blue school colours, adding a unique personal touch to the space.


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