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There is so much more to a playground than just the equipment. But we also know that getting a great piece of equipment can make a huge difference and add a unique touch to your space. Choosing the right equipment is an important step to the overall atmosphere of your space and getting it wrong can have a large negative impact on the end result. Speaking to a playspace consultant is an excellent way to make sure you get the right equipment for your project. In the design process with Creo, we work with you to find and source the equipment you need from suppliers across the world. Our 15-minute ideas session can be the perfect way to get started and plan out your wishlist. Click here to book your session. 

To get the ball rolling here’s is our pick of the Top 4 Playground Equipment companies in New Zealand, in no particular order.

Download the full guide: Activating Underutilized Space Guide

1. Playground People Ltd.

Playground People Ltd has been around since the late 90s and they’ve been installing and creating great playground equipment since. Their first installation was at Puni School near Pukekohe over 25 years ago and the Playground is still going strong today.

Having installed hundreds of playgrounds across New Zealand in different heavy use environmental and social conditions, it is no wonder they have built a great reputation. Playground People are recognised in the industry as being among the hardiest play equipment available in New Zealand.

2. Playco

    Playco is a family-owned New Zealand company that has been operating since 1986. They value employing parents passionate about designing, constructing to work on their playground projects, believing there are no better-qualified people to understand exactly what kiwi kids need to flourish than their family and community.

    3. The Playground Center

    Playground Center’s mission is to help people of all ages and abilities enjoy play, with mind and body benefits to last a lifetime. Their team is made up of experienced individuals working to provide smart, safe, and robust innovative play equipment.

    They work with clients on projects around the world, from pre-school play spaces to renowned destination playgrounds.

    4. Playground Creations

    Playground Creations is a Waikato based company that designs, builds, and installs playgrounds all over New Zealand. They strive to create unique, locally made playgrounds that provide a safe training ground for children to play and learn, bringing the magic of play to schools, green spaces, parks and reserves.

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