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How an Inclusive Seesaw can Increase Play Value in Your Playspace

Inclusive design is not a trend but necessary for integrating people of all abilities. This playspace design fosters connections as children grow and learn through play.

One of the significant innovations is the Inclusive Seesaw supplied by Creo, which stands as a testament to thoughtful design, offering a play solution that ensures the integration of all users.

Why the Inclusive Seesaw Stands Out

The Inclusive Seesaw is designed with inclusivity at its core. It features two platforms that welcome children of all abilities.

Its dimensions of 255x106cm make it a versatile addition to any playground, providing a shared play experience without the need for extensive space.

Creo inclusive seesaw at Lorna Irene Reserve

Designed for Everyone

What sets this seesaw apart is its commitment to inclusivity. With features tailored for wheelchair accessibility, it guarantees a safe and enjoyable playtime for every child.

This focus on inclusive play is a step forward in creating playgrounds that cater to the needs of all children.

How Lorna Irene Created an unique, Inclusive Playspace

Safety Comes First

The Inclusive Seesaw’s design prioritises accessibility and safety. Its carefully crafted platform accommodates wheelchair users, ensuring that playtime is a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable experience for everyone.

The seesaw meets all compliance requirements with a safety zone of 556x406cm and a minimal free-fall height, emphasising the importance of a secure environment for all users.

The Benefits of Inclusive Play

Inclusion in play is more than a concept; it’s a practice that enriches the play experience for all children. The Inclusive Seesaw showcases this idea, offering benefits such as:

  • Universal Design: Allows children of varying abilities to play side by side, fostering a sense of belonging and equality.
  • Space Efficiency: Its compact design ensures it can be seamlessly added to any playground, making inclusivity possible even in limited spaces.
  • Customisation: With various colour options, the seesaw can be personalised to fit the aesthetic of any play area.
  • Safety and Accessibility: The anti-slip platform and accessible design ensure that all children can enjoy the seesaw safely.

A Step Toward Inclusive Playgrounds

The Inclusive Seesaw is more than just playground equipment; it’s a gateway to a more inclusive play world. Incorporating this seesaw into your playground enhances the play experience for all children and promotes inclusivity and community values.

To truly embrace inclusivity, consider the entire playground experience, including accessible paths that lead to and around the play equipment.

This ensures that every child can enjoy the Inclusive Seesaw and the broader playground environment regardless of ability.

If you are ready to make your playspace more inclusive, call us on 0800 000 334 or send an email to [email protected].

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