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What Do We Cover In a 15-Minute Ideas Session?

If you’re starting to think about a new playground project or are looking to transform your existing outdoor spaces but are still a little unsure about how exactly it’s all going to come together, then booking a quick 15-minute ideas session with one of our Creo play space consultants might be a great way to kick things off. 

But what is a 15-minute ideas session and what do you get out of it? 

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First off, Creo’s 15-minute ideas session is a no-obligation, brainstorming meeting where we can discuss all your vision and ideas for your space. This service is no strings attached and is here to help you get the ball rolling on your project.  

There are 4 things we cover in that 15-minute ideas session: 


1. We take a look at high-res aerial images of your site.

We use software that allows us to get an aerial view of your space wherever you might be in New Zealand. The imagery is very up-to-date, and we use this to help us get a glimpse of what your space looks like, so we can begin to understand your vision and brainstorm some ideas that might work for you. 


2. Explore your vision and clarify your priorities. 

We do this so we can make sure that we are really focusing on the things that matter to you. It will also help to flesh out the ideas you and your team have been coming up with and how these might fit within your space.


3. Discuss your budget.  

This is a really critical part of your planning at this early stage. We spend some time going through your budget and expectations and give you some honest feedback on whether your budget is in line with your vision.  


4. We sign off with very clear next steps for you and your team.  


So, what do you get out of this 15-minute session? 

Two words. Clarity and Confidence. 


  • You’ll have a very good idea of your priorities and what you are wanting to achieve in the design of your space.  
  • You’ll have clarity on whether your budget is in tune with your vision and what changes if any need to be made if any. 
  • You’ll have an idea of potential issues or hurdles that you might face in the future of your project. Knowing these things in the early stages with give you the assurance you need before you commit to anything.   


  • You’ll leave this session confident that you’re heading in the right direction, with some clear next steps that you need to take. 
  • And by the end of your ideas session, we can ensure that you are working with the most suitable company for your project.  


For example, sometimes Creo might not be the best fit for your project. In that case, we’ll tell you upfront in this early session and we can recommend another company that might be better to partner with. 

If Creo is the right fit for your project, and we have some decent aerial imagery, we can push go and start putting together a concept for you.  


Ready to book your session? Book now or give us a call on 0800 000 334 to speak to one of our consultants.  



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