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What is Included in a Creo Concept?

Here are the 4 key elements included in a Creo concept. 


Click here to download the Creo “How to Build a Playground in 2022” Guide


1. Concept PDF

You will be sent a 2D Concept PDF file complete with supporting imagery of equipment, safety surfacing, materials, and colour pallets. This 2D concept will be an overview of your new play space that includes ideas, themes, and requirements discussed with our play space consultants.  

2. Explainer Video

One of the most helpful elements included in a Creo concept is the explainer video. In this video, your landscape architect talks you through the concept. They go into all the details of the design to provide clarity around the design. You will also be able to take a closer look at particular elements and how they will work for your space.  

3. 3D Render

In some cases, there might also be a 3D render video of the space included in your Creo concept. This 3D rendering comes in a video format where you can virtually see and experience the space, giving you a good indication of how your play space could be used in the future.  

4. Total Cost Estimate

The final component included in a Creo concept might also be the most important. This is an accurate figure of how much your project is going to cost to build. The number will include everything from demolition to preparation, safety surfacing, equipment, and shade. 

Everything that is included in the concept will be costed allowing you the confidence of knowing there will be no further costs to surprise you down the track.  


If you’d like to talk to someone about a future project or would like a concept designed for your space, give us a call on 0800 000 334, or book a 15-minute ideas session with one of our consultants. 



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