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JustKidz Albany

Albany, Auckland
JustKidz Albany_DSC08029_900x600JustKidz Albany_DSC08029_900x600
JustKidz Albany_DSC08069JustKidz Albany_DSC08069
JustKidz Albany_DSC08064JustKidz Albany_DSC08064
JustKidz Albany_DSC08037JustKidz Albany_DSC08037
JustKidz Albany_DSC08036JustKidz Albany_DSC08036
JustKidz Albany_DSC08020JustKidz Albany_DSC08020
JustKidz Albany_DSC08002JustKidz Albany_DSC08002
Just Kids Albany_DSC08059Just Kids Albany_DSC08059
Just Kids Albany_DJI_0158Just Kids Albany_DJI_0158
Just Kids Albany_DJI_0125Just Kids Albany_DJI_0125

JustKidz Albany is a large purpose-built early learning centre located on Albany’s William Pickering Drive.

Just Kidz
Albany, Auckland
Circa Budget:

The playspace build was an ambitious project from the beginning. This was because it was surrounded on three sides by large buildings, presenting a real challenge to the Creo design team to create an inviting and warm playspace from such an urban situation.

Through the placement of natural wood fencing and shade sails, the Creo team was able to block out the surrounding buildings and with the help of colourful surfacing, play equipment, and planting, were able to establish a bright playful mood within the space.

The inclusion of natural timber decking, mulch, Fale and waterplay structures help to further soften the feel of the space.

The outcome is a playful oasis at the heart of the surrounding industrial park.

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