Safety surfacing is a basic requirement for flexible play and equipment areas. At Creo, we try to maximise the use of a surface, either using colour, design, or by providing a range of textures and natural benefits.

Colours can be used in a wet poured rubber surface to define areas and themes. Danger areas, such as the end of a slide, can be highlighted and ground patterns in the surface can deliver a theme.

More value can be added through the topography of the surface or through useful surfaces like paths, bike tracks and circuits.

A range of surfaces is ideal on a site, creating a balance of materials and textures, natural and synesthetic, providing multiple sensory experiences within the playspace.

Creo safety surfacing options

Grass and Engineered Wood Fibre

Grass can be considered as a safety surface for items up to 1 metre. However, this can add a lot of wear and maintenance to the site and may limit the use of the site in winter months. Engineered Wood Fibre is a great natural surface that’s low in heat and can even be softened with planting into the surface. Material contamination needs to be considered.

Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf is a long wearing, low maintenance option with a natural look. It’s good in all-weather which makes it a favourite with Early Childhood Centres.

Rubber Safety Surface with Shockpad

Provides the full range of benefits and options – it looks great, is easy to maintain, and lasts for years. It’s safe and kids love playing on it.

Considerations when selecting surfacing options 


Maintenance is an issue that needs serious consideration when selecting the surface. The difference in maintenance needs between the various surface types is great. A lot of maintenance can be reduced through good design.


A balance of artificial and natural surfacing types is important as you want to promote natural materials, but also provide long-lasting playable areas that can be used in all-weather.

Added Value

Can you add play into a required surface? Bike tracks, balance lines, and mazes are just some of the ways you can encourage imaginative play through your surfacing.

To find out more about Creo surfacing options feel free to call our expert team on 0800 000 334.