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How to raise funds for your playground project

Getting your playground funding underway can be one of the most challenging tasks when starting a project. Having the space of your dreams can be time-consuming and costly.

The good thing is that New Zealand has many ways to raise funds for your playground, and we will cover them in this article.

1. Local Support

  • City: Local councils often have budgets to enhance public spaces, including schools and parks. By understanding their allocation process, you can identify potential funding opportunities.
  • Local Community Groups: These organisations occasionally offer grants for projects that benefit the local community. They can assist with specific costs or even equipment procurement.

2. National Support

  • National entities, from education departments to environmental agencies, sometimes introduce grants for projects that benefit the larger community. Staying informed about these can open significant funding channels.
    It is worth checking the guidelines for the Ministry of Education or other government agencies that can help you raise funds for your next playground project.
Teamwork and get funds for your playground project

3. Private Funders

  • Businesses: Both local businesses and bigger corporations can be helpful. They might provide financial support, sponsor parts of the project, or even volunteer services. You can secure the needed support if your project resonates with their values.
  • Individual Donors: Many philanthropic individuals are keen on contributing to projects that uplift the community or enhance educational spaces. Sharing your vision with them can lead to valuable partnerships.

4. Non-profit Organizations

  • NGOs can be potential allies, especially those focusing on education, community development, or green initiatives. Their expertise and connections can be invaluable in the funding journey. Usually, Not-for-profit organisations have relationships with other community partners that can support your playground project.

5. Community Fundraisers: Every Contribution Counts

  • Platforms like Kickstarter and traditional fundraising events can help gather funds. These methods also foster a sense of shared purpose and community involvement. Using online media for your project is valuable as social media is a public space where information is easily shared. Creating a website and compellingly telling our story can lead to great support.
  • Collaborative events with local businesses or donation drives can further enhance fundraising efforts. This is one of the oldest and the best ways to raise funds for any project. It is not different for a playground project. 

How to Secure Funding

  1. Identify the Right Funding Source
  • Research potential funders, understanding their priorities and past funding patterns. This will help tailor your approach effectively.
    When you approach the right type of organisation to fund your project, it can be easier to secure the funds. If your values and cause align with them, it can be helpful.
  1. Assemble a Diverse Team
  • Form a team with varied expertise, ensuring all aspects of the funding process, from proposal drafting to community engagement, are covered.
  1. Detailed Planning and Design
  • Clearly outline your project’s requirements. If you’re an educational institution, highlight the learning benefits. For public spaces, emphasise community benefits.
    Collaborating with experts can provide valuable insights and optimise designs to fit budgets. At Creo, we worked with dozens of schools and
  1. Craft a Persuasive Proposal
  • Your proposal should convey the project’s benefits, long-term impact, and relevance to the funder’s priorities.
  1. Engage with Stakeholders and Networking
  • Whether it’s parents for a school playground or residents for a public park, gather feedback and showcase this support in your proposal.
  • Building relationships with potential funders, attending relevant workshops, and leveraging existing connections can open more opportunities.
  1. Leverage Media Exposure
  • Local media can amplify your project’s visibility, drawing attention and potentially attracting more donors.

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Extra Tips

  • Be Prepared: Organize all necessary documents and ensure clear communication among stakeholders.
  • Tailor Your Requests: Adapt your funding requests to resonate with each potential funder’s objectives. Taking your time and being clear in your messaging is essential when dealing with different potential funders.  It is crucial to align your values with the funder’s values.
  • Stay Aligned: Ensure your project’s goals align seamlessly with the mission of the organisations or individuals you approach.

Not Sure Where to Start?

  • Begin with potential funding organisations’ websites. Their FAQs can offer insights.
  • If you are still in doubt about reaching out to some groups, call them and ensure your doubts are answered.


Getting funds for a playground, whether for a school, community, or public space, requires effort, persistence, and a clear vision. Your dream playground can become a reality with the right approach and resources. All backed up by an expert team that will guide you through the process.

Ready to take the next step? Feel free to give us a call on 0800 000 334 or book an ideas session below.

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